Jones Family Project Autumn 2016 Cocktails

Passion For The Baron

Here is a selection of cocktail shots from a photo shoot at The Jones Family Project in Shoreditch in Autumn 2016 and includes the following.

Passion For The Baron

This is the thirst quenching ‘Passion for the Baron’ made with Pisco Aba, Pimento Dram, passionfruit, mango, lime and Jones’ very own Voodoo Water!

It’s Dry Time

The fabulous ‘It’s Dry Time’ from the talented bar team at The Jones Family Project is made with Rittenhouse 100% Proof Rye Whiskey, grapefruit infused Belsazar Dry Vermouth and a twist of orange peel to top it off!

The Cherry-Chilli MacFashion

The Cherry-Chilli is made with Compass Box Spice Tree Whisky, chilli cherry reduction and old fashioned bitters and we added a few whole chillies to spice up the shot!

Passion For The Baron 2

Passion For The Baron 3

Passion For The Baron 4

It’s Dry Time

It’s Dry Time 2

It’s Dry Time 3

Cherry-Chilli MacFashion

Cherry-Chilli MacFashion 2

Cherry-Chilli MacFashion 3