Every client is different and every client’s requirements are different, therefore I believe in offering a pricing structure that reflects this and I hope caters for just about all types of photography for my clients.

I have clients that retain my services with a monthly retainer, which means they can call on me as and when they need photographs taken, be it for a quick half hour shoot to a half or full day.

I offer a straightforward hourly rate for those who simply want a one-off photo shoot.  But for those who would like to hire my services for a half or full day, I do not charge them the hourly rate but rather a special discounted rate.

For my regular clients who may need a one-off new cocktail or dish photographed for example but do not want to book a whole shoot, I am happy to come in as a one-off and take a few photographs for free as a value-added service.

You will normally receive the final edited photographs in a Dropbox folder 48 hours after the photo shoot but I can turn them around in 24 hours if urgent.

If you would like a quote then please e-mail me at simon@simonbphotos.com