World Cup 2018 Cocktails

The bar team at The Jones Family Project in Shoreditch put together a great selection of cocktails for this year’s World Cup in Moscow for a World Cup Cocktail Challenge whereby if you happen to be drinking the winner’s cocktail on the day of any given game, when the match ended you receive a 50% discount.

Here is a selection from the photo shoot I did.  The cocktails here include ‘Lost Negroni’, ‘Old Fashioned’, ‘Head Full Of Flowers’, ‘Crazy No7’, ‘Bubbles & Squeak’, ‘Smoking Apples’ and ‘Ginny Julep’.

World Cup Cocktails 2

World Cup Cocktails 3

Lost Negroni

Lost Negroni 2

World Cup Cocktails 4

World Cup Cocktails 5

Bubbles and Squeak

Bubbles and Squeak 2

Bubbles and Squeak v Crazy No7

Bubbles and Squeak v Crazy No7 up close

Ginnie Julep

Smoking Apples and Ginnie Julep

Old Fashioned and Head Full of Flowers