Wild Turkey Thanksgiving

The Jones Family Project in Shoreditch created an enticing Thanksgiving Day menu which was available over the Thanksgiving weekend from 23rd to 25th November 2017 and partnered with Wild Turkey Bourbon to create three rather special Thanksgiving cocktails named after iconic American songs and celebrating four of the classic American harvest fruits – apples, blueberries, grapes and cranberries.

The three-course menu started with a welcome cocktail named Bad Apples, shown here, which is a Guns’n’Roses, shown here, inspired autumnal combination of Wild Turkey Straight rye, applejack, pumpkin butter, lemon, sugar and bitters.

The Cream of Squash Soup, topped with truffle shavings and pumpkin seeds, was paired with Forever in Blue Jeans, also shown here, which is a concoction of Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, Aperol, sweet vermouth, blueberry jam and sugar, mixed to the tune of Neil Diamond to bring out the full flavours of the soup!

The traditional Roast Turkey breast steak, accompanied with cornbread, sausage and sage stuffing, green beans and Brussels sprouts was paired with a glass of Chardonnay from the Truchard winery.

A fabulous slice of Lizzy’s Pecan Pie, shown here, was the mouth-watering dessert, topped with nougat ice cream and paired with a Sweet Bitter Love digestif cocktail, designed with Aretha Franklin in mind, made with a sweet and sour combination of Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, sherry, cranberry, pineapple and a dash of sherry vinegar which you can see photographed with the pie here.

Thanksgiving Pecan Pie and Wild Turkey Cocktail

Bad Apples Cocktail

Forever in Blue Jeans Cocktail

Lizzy's Pecan Pie

Sweet Bitter Love Cocktail

Lizzy's Pecan Pie and blueberries

Pecan Pie and Bourbon Cocktail